International Avocado News

Bay of Plenty avo growers tally up cost of Cyclone...Freshplaza15/02/2022
Indonesia important market for Aussie exporters in...Freshplaza15/02/2022
Mexico suspects ‘other motives’ behind US avo import...Freshplaza15/02/2022
US halts avo imports over drug cartel threatsHerald Globe14/02/2022
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Chilean avo irrigation projects yield impressive water...Freshfruitportal03/02/2022
New JV announced to grow avocado trees in IndiaFreshFruitPortal26/01/2022
Price of avos going up in south central USFreshplaza26/01/2022
Kenya - Expect increased production by 300% next 3...Freshplaza20/01/2022
New avo plantations in Peru covered by hail netsFreshplaza20/01/2022
Uganda to plant avocado orchardsFreshplaza20/01/2022
Evening out global avocado suppliesFreshplaza12/01/2022
Vietnam exports 3 tonnes of frozen avos to Austral...vietnamsupplychain.com12/01/2022
Wealthy Mexican avocado grower seeks asylumFreshplaza04/01/2022
U.S. reliance on avocado imports will increaseFreshfruitportal14/12/2021
Global Overview of Avocados - at Dec
Hass avocados see firm prices in U.S. marketFreshfruitportal07/12/2021
Mexican vigilantes to protect Mexican avocado grow...Freshplaza29/11/2021
Study finds positive health effects of eating avoagriculture.einnews.com29/11/2021
Growers set to benefit from the return of
Mexico in talks with US to expand avocado exportsFreshplaza22/11/2021
‘Surge’ counsellors to boost Aussie Ag exportsMedia release08/11/2021
Kenya bans avocado exports from 15th NovemberFreshplaza08/11/2021
California avocado harvest close to projectionFreshfruitportal05/11/2021