International Avocado News

Labor troubles quadrupled in 2022 in world portsFresh Plaza19/01/2023
Heavy volumes of avo imports expected in US in 202...theproducenews.com17/01/2023
ALDI SUISSE bans air-freighted fruit & vegetablesFresh Plaza16/01/2023
Westfalia sets out green credentialsFruitnet.com12/01/2023
'Agronometrics in Charts' focuses on avos in US ma...FreshFruitPortal10/01/2023
Hass avo could offer about N12 billion to Nigeria's...FreshPlaza10/01/2023
Mission Produce celebrates 40th anniversaryFreshPlaza10/01/2023
Australian exporters eye Indian opportunitiesFruitnetcom09/01/2023
Poor 2022 prices to slow down Peruvian avo plantin...FreshPlaza06/01/2023
Avo demand in the US falls due to high pricesFreshPlaza05/01/2023
Mission Produce announces 2022 financial resultsFreshFruitPortal04/01/2023
PIL ships Australian avocadosfruitnetcom04/01/2023
US green lights Ecuadorian avocado importsFreshFruitPortal30/12/2022
Kenyan farmers encouraged to grow more for Chinaproducereportcom27/12/2022
Hass avo is Colombia's 5th most important ag expor...FreshPlaza14/12/2022
Drought threatens Peruvian avocado exportsFruitnetcom13/12/2022
France is the European leader in avo consumptionFresh Plaza12/12/2022
African avocados advantaged by China tradeFruitnetcom05/12/2022
China’s avo imports & domestic production to gro...ProduceReport05/12/2022
Spain's avocado season affected by droughtFreshFruitPortal05/12/2022
Asia Fruit Logistica heads back to Hong KongGlobal Produce Events01/12/2022
Chile launches 22/23 Export Season Despite DelaysProduce Report01/12/2022
Avo glut in US expected to last until mid 2023FreshFruitportal29/11/2022
Ugandan cane farmers opt to grow Hass avocadoFreshPlaza29/11/2022
Rwanda to launch its first avo sea freight shipmen...FreshPlaza28/11/2022